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Shop for mountain-made food, beverages, spirits, and other culinary treats and products.


Sweet Potato Biscuits

& more from full circle catering
Lexington, VA

Taste what everyone in Virginia and beyond have been raving about! Made with love from a treasured recipe from North Carolina and adapted by Jenny herself, sweet potato biscuits are a staple for any table. Slathered with farm fresh butter, toasted, or filled with country ham-they are soft and delicious and highly sought after. Place your orders early for this wonderful treat!

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Fresh Baked Goods

The Bread Basket
Floyd, VA

This local bakery, deli and bulk foods store carries a variety of gluten-free items and locally made gifts as well as fresh breads and goodies baked daily. READER COMMENTS: "The apple cake is a dense, super moist, elegant and delicious treat that I've never found anywhere else. You only need a small piece. Everyone in Floyd loves it! The Bread Basket bakes everything from scratch. We also love their Molasses Cookies and freezer jam."

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Virginia Brewed Beer

Buffalo Mountain Brewery
Floyd, VA

Founded in 2013, this Floyd, Virginia Brewery offers a variety of craft beers as well as food offerings from the on-site McDaniel's Tavern. READER COMMENTS: "You just can't get a bad beer at Buffalo Mountain Brewery in Floyd. My favorites are the dark beers such as Joe Dirt and Black Ridge, but my husband likes their lighter beers."

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Apples, Pumpkins & More

Grandad's Apples
Hendersonville, NC

This small family owned and operated farm offers apples, pumpkins, a country store, bakery and more. READER COMMENTS: "I dearly and greatly love apple cider. I have tasted many brands in my 55 years of life, some good & others - not good. The fresh apple cider and Grandad's Apples N'Such is hands down the best I have ever tasted. I literally crave their apple cider."

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Refreshing Fruit Wines

Peaks of Otter Winery
Bedford, VA

This sixth generation family farm, orchard and winery offers spectacular views, a wide selection of fruit wines, as well as jams, jellies and U-pick fruit including apples, peaches, blackberries, nectarines, plums and raspberries when in season. READER COMMENTS: "They make many different wines, but my absolute favorite is the Blackberry wine. It's so delicious, and it's even better knowing it's made near my home."

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Honey Products

S&T's Bees
Elkins, WV

READER COMMENTS: "S&T's Bees places pride in their honey making products. The owners have their own bee farm to produce the honey they have in their honey keg. Visitors can walk into S&T's Bees store in downtown Elkins and fill up their own jar of honey from the honey keg. S&T's Bees also makes lotion and lip balm among other things with their homegrown honey. They lead classes on how to become a beekeeper and produce your own honey. They are treasure in downtown Elkins."

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Mountain Moonshine

Sugarlands Distilling Co.
Gatlinburg, TN

Tucked into the Great Smoky Mountains, this distillery makes award-winning spirits. Visit in person to enjoy delicious Cocktails and take a behind tour of their still house, or order online to have a taste delivered to your door. READER COMMENTS: "There are several flavors of legally distilled Moonshine available. Many are based on the recipes from the participants of 'The Moonshiners' reality TV show. My favorite is Pattyʼs Mahaw Moonshine which I enjoy straight or mixed into a Moonshine mojito."

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Mountain Brewed Beer

Big Timber Brewing
Elkins, WV

This Elkins, WV brewery has been crafting a variety of beers since 2014. READER COMMENTS: "The Bucksaw Brown Ale is a delicious beverage. The beer is a brown ale and it is smooth, light, and refreshing. I would nominate all of Big Timber Beers as the best Blue Ridge Mountain-Made product, but if I had to choose one the Bucksaw Brown would be my choice."

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Hot Dog Chili

Custard Stand

Ready to heat and eat, this fully cooked hot dog chili is a convenient meal or side. Microwaveable or can simmered on the stovetop, this chili keeps for 30 days thawed and up to 2 years frozen. READER COMMENTS: "Manufactured in Webster Springs WV from an old family recipe, this sauce is a must to transform a plain hot dog into a culinary delight."

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Homemade Canned Goods

Bower's Homemade LLC
Elliston, VA

Bower's Homemade LLC offers homemade items including apple butter, applesauce, apple pie filling, local honey, jarred fire and ice pickles, and more from the mountains of Elliston, Virginia. READER COMMENTS: "I absolutely love pickles. These fit the T as a perfect example!"

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Local Dairy Products

Homestead Creamery
Wirtz, VA

Homestead Creamery produces farm fresh dairy from happy cows in Franklin County, VA. Their full line of dairy products include milk, ice cream, and butter, available in area Kroger stores and for home delivery in the Roanoke and Lynchburg, VA areas. READER COMMENTS: "Grass fed happy cows, no hormones healthy milk, cream and ice cream. Absolutely delicious!"

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Locally Roasted Coffee

Red Rooster Coffee
Floyd, VA

Established in 2010 in downtown Floyd, VA (pop 432), Red Rooster was created with the simple notion of roasting excellent coffee for the owner’s existing coffee house. Soon, word of Red Rooster's quality spread around Virginia and up and down the East Coast. Today, the company employs 30 people while roasting some of the best coffee in the world.

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Mountain Whiskeys

Still Hollow Spirits
Harman, WV

This family owned and operated distillery located in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia specializes in traditional mountain style whiskeys and unique botanical infusions. READER COMMENTS: "This distillery is a farm-to-bottle distiller located in the tiny town of Job, WV. They have a variety of traditional mountain style whiskey and moonshine and use a natural spring on their property as well as one of the oldest grist mills still in operation in Harman to grind their corn."

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Woodson's Mill Grits

Woodson's Mill
Lowesville, VA

Located just across the Piney River from Lowesville, Virginia, this mill's philosophy is that great ingredients make great food. They stone-grind their grains slowly in a water-powered mill with nothing else added, to make them even better. READER COMMENTS: "These are just clearly the best grits ever! They are ground at the mill, using the slow stone method and have all the nutritional value intact. The mill uses locally grown corn...Bloody Butcher from Clifford and other heritage types."

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Locally Made Fudge

Blue Ridge Fudge Lady
Pulaski, VA

Making fresh kettle fudge since 2014, this local store sells a wide selection of fudge and chocolates as well as personalized gifts. READER COMMENTS: "The homemade fudge, in many varieties, is delicious, made from the best natural ingredients. I have purchased many flavors of fudge, and they all beat the other fudge shops Iʼve been to hands down for creaminess and natural flavor. 

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Country Ham

Dan'l Boone Inn
Boone, NC

Proudly serving the High Country of North Carolina "family style" since 1959, this Boone, NC restaurant offers a variety of delicacies as well as country ham available or order online by mail. READER COMMENTS: "Excellent breakfast, lunch, or dinner food. You can get ham biscuits at many area restaurants, but these delicacies at Daniel Boone Inn are fresh, hot, tasty additions to any meal or by themselves."_

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Homemade Goat Cheese

Dark Cove Pottery & Farm
Cullowhee, NC

Made from pasteurized goat milk, cheese cultures, microbial rennet, salt and, in some varieties, fresh garlic and chives, this smooth cheese is great to spread. Both varieties are available in one pound containers, and has a refrigerated shelf-life of about three weeks. READER COMMENTS: "It's simply delicious. Goes perfectly with local smoked trout for an appetizer or snack."

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Sorghum Products

Muddy Pond Sorghum Mill
Monterey, TN

This local mill, owned and operated by the Guenther family, produces 100% pure sorghum products with no additives, made from their own sorghum cane. READER COMMENTS: "The Muddy Pond Bold BBQ sauce is a true taste of the farm kitchen from the hills of Tennessee. Absolutely the BEST. Please treat yourself to this true gem of a locally grown, produced, and consumed product."

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Rum Cakes

Rum Cake Lady
Copperhill, TN

Sells a variety of rum cakes, shipped nationwide, with varieties ranging from their original golden rum cake to limoncello, chocolate, salted caramel chocolate, mini bundt cakes, Cuba Libre and even pumpkin spice. READER COMMENTS: "The cakes are always fresh and delicious no matter what flavor you purchase. Whenever I'm in town it's a must stop to get whatever rum cakes are still in stock."

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Cheeses & Gift Baskets

Sweetwater Valley Farm
Philadelphia, TN

A working dairy farm and farmstead cheese producer that makes a variety of cheddar cheeses along with a gouda, smoked gouda and farm fresh cheese. Order online or in person at the on-site cheese shop, where you can taste each of the cheeses. Plus visit the cafe  to enjoy a grilled cheese. READER COMMENTS: "Wonderful cheeses. Excellent variety. Locally sourced. We drive there regularly to purchase cheese and no longer buy national brands; they just arenʼt as good!"

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